Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent and Upcoming Publications

Robert Demaree's poetry can be found in numerous online and print poetry journals, samples of recent work listed below.

Online Journals

Dead Snakes
June 2012

South Townsville Micro poetry journal
April 7, 2012

Ad Hoc Monadnock
check archives

Right Hand Pointing
check archives, "big index"

Miller's Pond
volume 12, issue 1; volume 15, issue 1

Drown in My Own Fears
Issues 7

Bolts of Silk

Thick With Conviction
Issues 7 and 12

Bird's Eye ReView (January 2010)
check archives

Poetry Super Highway (Poet of the Week, February 8-14, 2010)

Print Publications

Avocet (Southold, N.Y.)
Aurorean (Farmington, Me.)
Poet's Touchstone-N.H. Poetry Society
Tipton Poetry Journal (Zionsville, Ind.)
Voicings from the High Country (Casper, Wyo.)

Other work can be found online with a Google search of Robert Demaree poetry

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